How Online and Brick and Mortar
Retailers Increase Traffic.

How online and brick and mortar retailers increase traffic. Retail has never been more challenging. E-commerce has gone conventional and the lines between digital and offline channels are blurring.

It has changed the game for everyone, online stores are drowning in pools of competition and brick and mortar stores are being crushed by the likes of Amazon, Walmart and other online stores at alarming rates.

However, the good news is that due to virtual markets, customers around the world shop 24/7/365 days a year. Consumers are browsing online, using their mobile devices to check prices and purchase through whichever channel happens to be available at the time.

You just need to capture your fair share of the market to grow your business exponentially but you must have the right digital strategy and visibility to reap the rewards.

Are your digital marketing strategies keeping up?

Retail brands continue to mature digitally, using technology and the wealth of data available to more efficiently connect and engage with connected shoppers.

Use Digital Marketing to Pull Consumers into Stores:
Digital marketing is a great way for local retailers to increase traffic. A study by Google revealed that 3 in 4 shoppers who find local information in search engine results are more likely to visit stores. The information that shoppers would find helpful in search results is:

  • Item is in stock.
  • Price of the item at a nearby store
  • Map showing that stores carry the item searched
  • Location of the closest store with the item in stock
  • Details about local stores such as opening hours and Contact number
  • what else is available at the store

Email Marketing Is An Effective Digital Channel:
Email is an effective channel for retailers when it comes to personalized interactions with consumers. As per the research conducted by Criteo (a trusted source), 4 out of 5 retail marketers are using personalization in their email marketing tactics.
Based on the customer segment
Dynamic recommendations in the email body

Targeting with a personalized email once a shopper visits a website is the most effective strategy. The top email strategies are:

  • Retargeting existing clients who visit the website with emails (CRM)
  • Send emails introducing products that website visitors browsed
  • Retarget website visitors by email a few hours or days after their visit

The Mobile Experience:
Mobile is an essential ingredient for digital success. Consumers repeatedly move from device to device to brick-and-mortar stores and back again. If at any point during this journey the content and messaging they are viewing are not mobile-optimized, shoppers will quickly leave in favor of a retailer who can deliver a seamless mobile experience.

Retail revenue from mobile devices is climbing quickly. Cross-device targeting is becoming more of a priority. Marketers ranked the following as “very important”:

  • Can target users across different devices (i.e. cross-device targeting)
  • Can target users while they are in physical stores
  • Can target users based on their precise location

Retailers must continually invest in new ways to engage consumers.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM):

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Email Marketing:

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